Company Introduction
East Shipping Group Holding Limited, established in Hong Kong, is one of the leading ship leasing, trading and shipping agency companies in Greater China and globally. As a leading market participant in the global shipbuilding industry, we provide customized and flexible ship leasing, buying and selling, and shipping agency solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers for ship traders, shipowners, and bulk traders worldwide.
Risk Management
We have a comprehensive and robust risk management system that covers various types of risks involved in our business operations. This enables us to effectively evaluate the quality of our asset portfolio. We believe that such plans can enable us to closely monitor our overall risk situation, timely identify risks involved in daily operations, and take appropriate hedging measures. We designed and applied risk quantification evaluation tools in 2021, established a customer credit evaluation model, conducted comprehensive and prudent stress testing and dynamic risk warning, and achieved risk quantification management throughout the project lifecycle.